Nick & Andy's Coffee

About Us

Nick and Andy's Coffee provides brilliant freshly ground organic artisan coffee roasted by Extract Coffee in Bristol and served from our funky converted Citroen 2CV van.  Whilst we primarily provide coffee, we do like to compliment the coffee with nice locally sourced treats; pastries and cakes.

Our Suppliers

We use the best local ingredients from Extract Coffee Roasters and Bruton Dairy.

Our 2CV is 16 feet (4.9 metres) long including the bar at the rear and 11.5 feet (3.5 metres) wide including one serving table at the side; add an extra 4 feet (1.2 metres) if you want us to serve from both sides.  If you need us to, we can serve indoors (if you have double-doors to get in) or inside any marquee as the car has no engine or gearbox to cause mess and we run entirely on electricity.

We're capable of  serving well over 1000 coffees per day from our two dual group espresso machines in addition to teas and nibbles.  If you don't need that throughput, we can run a prosecco/beer bar on one side whilst retaining coffee on the other side.  Ideal for weddings!